Urban Ninja obstacle course


Away from the landscape world, I have a whole nother life as a ninja. Seriously. I’ve been on ninja warrior twice, moved to Japan to train in karate (my black belt is in my wardrobe) and also dress in black and sneak around the town at night, slaying villains. OK, that last bit was a joke.

Anyhow, I also do obstacle course races and saw on Facebook an advert for one which emulated the Ninja Warrior show which was going to travel around some of the UK’s cities; being set up in parks and other urban venues, running for a weekend and then being packed up and moved to the next venue. The Facebook advert used a screen grab straight from SketchUp, complete with the default green background and standard linework. As I wasn’t too busy with normal work I dropped them a line to see if they wanted a better graphic in return for getting to run the course for free.

They sent me the SketchUp file with their obstacles, and I dropped them into Tooting Common – their first venue and coincidentally close to where Iived (and did many kilometres of running!).

It’s important to match the graphical style to an audience – in garden design I find a softer, watercolour-style technique works, but for a young, sporty audience in urban centres wanted something more gritty. I settles on this – a graffiti spray motif showcasing the course, with bold black outlines.

They then asked me to do a poster, which is below and which went up in parks around the city:



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