Talk: Be efficient, make more money

This isn’t strictly a portfolio piece, but I’ve had so many requests to download it that I thought I would put it on my website, and this seems the most appropriate place. I was asked to speak at the Landscape Show (which took place on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th September 2017). I think they wanted me to talk about slightly technical things – SketchUp, Vectorworks and the like – but actually there was something I’m more passionate about which I wanted to share, which is the need for designers to make more profit on their design work, and to go through some ways they could do that.

Amazingly, the seminar room was completely full, and I also made people laugh, so I consider it to have gone very well indeed. I have since received about ten emails asking for a copy of the talk, on top of the eight business cards I was handed at the show in order that I could send it to them, so I figured I’d upload it here to save me sending it via email.

Click here to download it as a PDF.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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