Kent rectory & sprawling grounds

Scene 1 - Master - Light pencil watercolour wash - v2.1

When I work for clients I’m very efficient – I bill by the hour so I spend my time (and their money) wisely and don’t waste it by exploring new visual styles or ways of working that don’t take me directly to the goal of doing great work that meets their needs. However, if I have some free time I occasionally further develop projects, or use bits of an old one, to help me refine my style or investigate new ones.

In this case, there were two goals at the front of my mind. The first was to look at how best to show a very large site, something that’s been relatively rare given that most of my clients are London-based. The other was to further my mission of seeing exactly how much computer-generated graphics can be made to look like hand-drawn (or hand-painted) ones. As you can see, it went pretty well!

Scene 4 - MASTER - Pre-sketcher final - Rectory Park for portfolio - re-work - v2.2

The house is from a previous project, and I quickly whipped up my own design, showing some simple borders around the front door, a sunken croquet lawn and lots of semi-mature trees . The walled garden on the site was a fruit tree orchard, but to keep the visuals clean I turned it into a vegetable garden.Scene 3 - MASTER - Rectory Park for portfolio - re-work - v2.2

Scene 5 - MASTER - Pre-Sketcher final - Rectory Park for portfolio - re-work - v2.2



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