Design: Ealing front garden

Description: I was asked by Guy Jones of Emotive Landscapes, to design a front garden for one of his clients in Ealing, who he felt would benefit from a more “designed” solution. After meeting the clients with Guy and doing a site survey, I submitted three concept designs and presented them. Once a route was approved I produced a scaled plan, setting out plan, technical specification document and a couple of detail drawings (you can see these below) for various elements so that the garden to could built to my exactly fit my intended design.

Client: Emotive Landscapes / Private client


Wimbourne Gardens 7664837540

Wimbourne Gardens 7664842974

Wimbourne Gardens 7664850848

Wimbourne Gardens 7664868146

Wimbourne Gardens 7664875914

Wimbourne Gardens 7664897908

Wimbourne Gardens 7664922286

Two of the original concept images:

Wimbourne Gardens - Curvy - View 1 - Master

Wimbourne Gardens - Curvy - View 2 - Master

Final scaled plan:

Wimbourne - Plan - v1.4

Construction drawing for bin storage:

Cupboard v3.0 - hi res

Construction drawing for front wall:Wall - v1.1 - hi res