Concept images: LUP (Large Un-named Pharmaceutical!)

“Rapid prototyping” style visuals for an early-stage presentation to a large pharmaceutical company for extensive works to be done at one of their sites in Macclesfield. Read more about the process of creating these below.   

Allerton Landscape Design / LUP


VIEW 7 - v1.1


View 2 - v1.1

View 2.5 - v1.1
A somewhat unusual project this one! Will was asked to prepare a presentation to the facilities management team for this multi-national at their large industrial park in Macclesfield. Since it was quite short notice and he knew that I’m good at working under pressure and to tight deadlines, he asked if I could help with some very quick visuals to accompany his landscape plan. We agreed that the quickest route would be to use a combination of SketchUp exports and images imported and layered in Photoshop superimposed over the existing site photos, which I made black and white in order to ensure the new design stood out. He arrived at my office on a Friday evening with the plan below:


…and a memory stick with photos and mood images for each of the areas a visual was required for. For example, for the main entrance I was given the following:

Wavy hedgingBiotecutre-Aston-University-2-600x446








Through out the process (the course of a few days) I sent images to Will for feedback and adapted them as required.