Belmond Enchanted Garden

Designer: Butter Wakefield

Client: Belmond Hotels / RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2017 


“The Belmond Enchanted Garden is a place with soul, where time stands still, beautifully designed to create a sense of adventure, reflection and celebration – where naturalistic planting, trees and hedgerows give way to a purposeful, productive space planted with herbs, vegetables of provenance, and flowers for cutting. A garden with a poetic staircase to take guests wherever their imagination desires; an authentic place to stir the senses and feel immersed in each traveller’s tale, or to simply sit and feel inspired.”

Butter has been a client of mine for a long time, since teaching her when she was at The London College of Garden Design, four years ago. She was approached by Belmond Hotels, formerly The Orient Express Group, to design a garden for them at Chatsworth Flower Show to represent that values of the newly-rebranded hotel group, as well as to create a place for them to entertain clients and provide visitors with information about their venues.

My role was to create technical drawings and documents, and to help out as required, including doing planting during the build-up. These visuals were not actually used for the project itself, but rather done as an experiment – Butter tends to hand draw her visuals, using a SketchUp base, and then fills the colour using various watercolour techniques – you can see the one she did on the press release for the garden. I was always curious to do some experiments using hand-drawn lines with computer-generated colour, and these two images are the result of that.

Butter won a Gold Medal for the garden, and also won the People’s Choice Award. You can read more about the garden on the RHS website, as well as on Butter’s own website.

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