Great SketchUp tip!


I’ve spent most of the day battling with a SketchUp model – all urves and gently sloping banks. Looks great very challenging. I came across this great tip on how to select edges using the eraser tool – very quick and convenient when compared to clicking every line separately.

Choose the eraser tool, and start dragging along the edges you want to select. Done? WAIT!! Don’t release that mouse button yet! Right click any of the edges you selected (while still holding down the left mouse button [and make sure you’re right clicking an edge, not a face]). The context menu will pop up. Move the mouse away from the menu, and you can now saftely release the left mouse button. Press Esc to close the context menu and…Volia! Your edges are still selected!

Found on the Sketchucation forums by user Justry.

Safety wear


Today I’m planting up two gardens for the show homes at the new development by London Square in Fulham, which have been designed by Jo Thompson. The site is huge and requires “three point” safety wear – head, high-vis jacket and steel toe cap boots. It’s my first time of being in very hot weather with short hair, and whilst the breeze over my neck is good, the fact it leaves it exposed to potentially burn to a crisp isn’t so much, so a long-sleeved t-shirt was employed to offer a bit more protection than the SPF20 could on its own!